Solutions for small & medium enterprises

Generali multi-employer solution – Generali Multi Plan (GMP) - is a simplified pooling solution specifically designed for small groups, where different organisations’ experiences are combined in a larger and less volatile pool.

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Enhanced protection and potential savings

In case of surplus

At the end of each year, if the overall GMP experience is positive, an international pooling dividend will be redistributed to participating companies for each country with a positive experience.

In case of loss

If the overall experience of the Multi Plan portfolio is negative, the losses will be entirely absorbed by GEB and no dividend will be paid.


Why us?


All countries with a positive experience are eligible for a dividend payment. Even if a company has an overall negative experience, it can still receive country-based dividends from the pool.

Global Expertise

GMP gives small groups access to the world’s largest and strongest employee benefits network.

Results In 2014, companies participating in GMP received a pay-out ratio of 37% for each country with a positive experience!


Who can join?

Companies with

Presence in at least 2 countries

At least 20,000 euro annual premium worldwide


Do you want to know more? Please contact Sandor Jonas