CIAO. How are you?

CIAO how are you?

Helping your employees enjoy a healthier future

Our new Ciao app is designed to help your employees build healthy behaviours one day at a time – whether they want to get fit, lose weight, reduce stress, improve sleep or just take better care of themselves.

It’s completely free, and your employees can easily sync it with their smartphones, wearable tech and fitness apps, pulling in data to get a clear picture of how they’re doing. The app has been developed through rigorous research and tested with real people all over the world.

Key product features

  •     Monthly challenges: Motivate employees to get active by joining in regular challenges
  •     Action plans: Employees can commit to healthy lifestyle changes, building healthy behaviours that help them achieve their long-term goals
  •     Articles: Every day, your employees will see personalised content that’s targeted to their individual needs
  •     Progress monitoring: Employees can set personal goals, earning up to 20 reward points a day if goals are achieved

To get your employees engaged with and using the app, we'll provide a launch pack that you can customise in line with your brand guidelines - including emails, posters and flyers.

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Ciao app: A brighter future for you and your employees.

CIAO app