What do working parents bring to companies?

The skills people learn as a parent stand them in perfect stead for success in the workplace. It therefore makes sense for HR Managers to nurture and support the working parents in their midst. These individuals are perfectly positioned to bring to the fore the type of networking, communication and time management skills that simply cannot be taught in any official off-the-job learning environment.

Here are just a few examples:

Leadership & responsibility

There can be no greater responsibility – with all its ups and downs – than caring for a child. It gives individuals the strength to follow a steep learning curve and never give up.

Stakeholder relations

A parent often has to manage their own parents’ expectations (sometimes considered interference!) when caring for their child. This involves accepting that some advice can be useful whilst other attempts to guide can be tactfully removed. This experience can prove useful when working with senior colleagues and challenging the status quo.

Respect for others

Parents can be notorious for sharing their new-found parenting wisdom, often to the point where they think their parenting style superior to others. Realising that what works for one doesn’t necessarily work for another represents a more wise position. The same goes for working as part of a team within a company. Organisations need team players that can harmonise relations.


Being a parent generally gives individuals a greater respect for equality and diversity at work and in life, understanding the shared challenges that all different families face when trying to balance work and caring responsibilities.


This article is adapted from Working parents are an absolute must for companies, by Paul Carter, HR Writer for HR Zone https://www.hrzone.com/lead/culture/working-parents-are-an-absolute-must-for-companies [July 2016]
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