Multinational pooling

The opportunity to leverage global size to achieve economy of scale and enhance performance across countries.

Multinational pooling combines the local group insurance policies of a multinational’s subsidiaries around the world.

By “pooling” employee benefits into a single account, companies can balance potential losses in some countries with the positive experience in others. 



This set-up enables organisations to gain:

  • Financial consolidation and reduced volatility of the global portfolio
  • Financial returns at the end of the year via profit sharing (if the overall global experience is positive)
  • Improved visibility of contracts in place across countries
  • Stronger negotiation power on local terms and conditions

Generali advantage: one-stop-shop access to global leadership

Generali Employee Benefits is a recognised leader in devising multinational pooling solutions, having invested in innovation that adds value to our clients’ strategies, including:

  • Cutting-edge reporting tools to monitor local and global performance
  • Governance via 11 regional offices in key markets and approximately 120 national desks
  • One-stop-shop with global access to in-depth market knowledge
  • Active risk management (Stop Loss, Loss Carry Forward, Pooling Point)

There are no implementation costs to set up a pool.