2019 Global mobility guide: The pros & cons of International Pension Plans for expats

As part of our commitment to keeping international brokers and employers ahead of the game when it comes to global mobility, we’ve teamed up with HR Grapevine magazine to bring you their annual guide.

In this edition, Paolo Lippi, International Pensions Manager at Generali Employee Benefits, provides the welcome and leads a panel debate amongst senior HR professionals asking about the importance of having a solid pension scheme for globally mobile staff. 

In addition, a feature by Paolo focuses on the pros and cons of international pension plans for expats. Here he investigates the complexities of local regulations and legislation, along with the importance of ensuring successful employee benefit strategies.

The guide also includes latest thinking and insights on: dealing with discrimination in global mobility; how to combat loneliness when on global assignment; plus stats, trends, news and views.

Click here to access the full guide