Another great year for Generali’s Multiemployer solution!

2016 marks the 4th consecutive year of positive performance and impressive growth in the portfolio with overall premiums that increased by over 50% compared to 2015.

The Generali Multiemployer solution has proven yet again its unique value for companies with a small benefits portfolio who are looking for an effective way to stabilise risks, access global expertise and simplify the management of their employee benefits programmes. 

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2016 Facts & Figures


Looking at the top 5 countries by premium volume, we see The Americas Region countries capture the largest share of the portfolio, with an equal share of the remainder between the Middle East and Europe.

5.41 Earth.png


5.11 Trend_0.png


The average pay-out ratio since the inception of this solution in 2013 is over 20% for each country with a positive experience.


The portfolio breakdown by line of risk has remained stable as compared to the previous 3 years. This year the relative weight of the medical component decreased slightly, and there was a slight increase in the amount of disability.

5.14 Chart.png

5.13 Reporting.png

  • 60 countries represented
  • Geographical distribution: all 3 main macro regions (Americas, Europe and Asia) are equally represented with a slight prevalence of Europe
  • Top 5 countries by premium volume represent 59% of total portfolio