Beyond ability: How to spot an amazing candidate

If your company has a vacancy to fill, the right candidate is so much more than just skillset. So if you’re looking for an incredible new employee, here are five things you should look for.

Can they learn?

Don’t let an amazing person go just because they’re missing some knowledge or skill. A good learner will pick things up quickly - and has the potential to become even more amazing.

Are they hungry?

Someone who genuinely wants to give you everything they’ve got for the long haul will add more value than someone with more expertise, but less enthusiasm.

Will they complement my team?

A well-rounded team is diverse, yet harmonious - so avoid personality clashes that could prevent you from getting things done.

What fresh ideas can they bring to the table?

Avoid yes-men (and women) and look for someone who has their own ideas, especially if you sometimes disagree. A new perspective - offered in the right way - is worth its weight in gold.

Do they share our values?

New viewpoints are valuable so long as everyone is pulling in the same direction. First-class people with different beliefs and shared values can achieve greatness.

How to spot an amazing candidate