GEB @ The World Brokers’ Network, Paris

GEB attended the World Brokers’ Network (WBN) Global Conference that took place recently in Paris and saw the participation of Generali’s Group CEO Phillippe Donnet as keynote speaker.

Mr. Donnet focused on the impact of digital disruption on the current insurance business model, pointing out that intermediation remains key to the long-term success of an insurer, and investments in innovation should go hand-in-hand with those of employee empowerment. You can read Philippe Donnet's LinkedIn editorial on these topics here.

"The insurance industry is undergoing one of the most radical shifts since its inception," said Philippe Donnet. "Digitisation and connectivity make it possible for insurance companies and their distributors to build better relationships with their clients. These relationships continue to be based on prevention and care. This is a shift in paradigm and requires companies not only to redesign their processes and products but also to develop a mindset that focuses first and foremost on the customer. Only those companies that succeed in doing this will be sustainable in the long term."

The WBN represents a key date in GEB's events calendar due to the importance of intermediaries and local partners to the organisation. GEB endeavours to build strong relationships with all parties, with a view to ensuring good governance of the network.