The happiest nations revealed

Both locally borns and immigrants share the positive experiences of living in the world’s happiest countries. This represents the most striking finding of The World Happiness Report 2018 and just goes to show that happiness can change according to the quality of society in which people live.

The report found that the ranking of countries according to the happiness of their immigrant populations is almost exactly the same as for the rest of the population.

Finland was at the top of both rankings in this year’s report.  The rankings are measured against key variables found to support wellbeing – namely income, healthy life expectancy, social support, freedom, trust and generosity.

The same countries as in the last two years held the rest of the top 10 places, although with some swopping of places. Four different countries have held the top spot in the four most recent reports – Denmark, Switzerland, Norway and now Finland.

The report also highlights three emerging health problems that threaten happiness: obesity, the opioid crisis, and depression. Although set in a global context, most of the evidence and discussion are focused on the United States, where the prevalence of all three problems has been growing faster and further than in most other countries.

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