How big data is changing the face of recruitment

Big data is apparently the next big thing in the world of recruitment. It could bring huge benefits to the time-consuming job of recruitment, in terms of really getting to know prospective employees.

Big data is a term in common use these days, but it’s not always commonly understood. In short, it involves taking information from various sources: from social media to online shopping, search engines and more.

This data has an infinite number of uses. In the context of HR and recruitment specifically, it could be used to study and identify preferences and interests of existing as well as future employees.

An article recently published in Big Data Analytics News outlines what big data has in store for recruiters:

Improves the quality & speed of the recruitment process

Big data provides insights and data in relation to a candidate’s previous employment history, social media interactions and behaviours. This will help HR get much better acquainted with prospective hires and assist in the screening and shortlisting process.

Provides insights into attrition rates, informing improvements

Where a company is experiencing high attrition rates, big data can help identify reasons why, allowing HR to make tweaks to the recruiting strategy as appropriate.

Makes recruitment marketing efforts much more targeted

Through the gathering and analysis of data, recruiters can learn the best day and time of the week to post or publish a job vacancy. It can also reveal trends in why people are responding to or ignoring a particular job post, thereby allowing for improved targeting.

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Big data in recruitment