How to deal with the complexity of Global Mobility?

A new webinar and publication provide an overview on challenges and success factors including: benefits, compensation, tax strategy and relocation.

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Generali Employee Benefits (GEB) has partnered with HR Grapevine for a webinar that discusses how Human Resources Managers can address the issues that come with moving talent internationally.

Mobile employees are a key asset to companies’ international growth, however they present opportunities and challenges that set them apart from locally hired staff.

HR managers need to contain costs, ensure their employees are not in a position of disadvantage in terms of access to social security, and find the right proposition to attract and retain them in a globally competitive labour market. 

What to consider when planning your benefits and tax strategy? How to set up the right team and planning? Should you consider relocation support, and at what stages? Find the answers from our experts and follow the debate in the webinar recording.

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Webinar on global mobility