These are the 10 traits that every great business leader has

These are the 10 traits that every great business leader has

It's the burning question every ambitious entrepreneur wants to know: what makes a great leader? The best bosses out there know how to get the best from their workforce, create effective teams and get impressive results. And luckily, we can all learn their secrets! Here are the key traits that mark out the inspiring leader.

1. They're emotionally intelligent

Top leaders are self-aware, socially aware, and experts in managing relationships. They are big on empathy and have an awareness of how their words and actions affect those around them.

2. They're authentic

They are always themselves, whoever the audience.

3. They communicate well

Leaders demonstrate their values and what they stand for in clear and confident speech, body language, and behavior. They articulate a vision for their business that everyone can understand.

4. They listen

Good leaders don't shut themselves away, deaf to criticism. They spend time talking to staff at all levels and collecting feedback, always thinking about how to improve their business.

5. They're strong decision-makers

They know when to listen, think, and make a decision they can stick to for long enough to give assurance. If that decision doesn't work out, they admit it, learn from it, and move on.

6. They strategize

The leader sets a clear sense of direction and purpose for their business, what it wants to achieve, and how its people will go about it.

7. They motivate their workforce

A good boss knows that employees need to feel appreciated! It's not all about perks like bonuses though—acknowledge hard work through awards and titles that hold more of a special place in their hearts than money.

8. They act as mentors

Top leaders will ensure fast-track career opportunities for staff who push themselves and burst out of their jobs.

9. They delegate

They will also surround themselves with people good enough to lead themselves and who are trusted with autonomy.

10. Finally...they're trailblazers!

The authentic leader will rally his leadership team around a mission or motto. A great example is to think HIPPO – humility, integrity, passion, positivity, openness.